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We promote the principles of Digital Democracy that values transparency, prosperity, and social responsibility. Technological innovations make all government and non-government activity transparent to public.

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Problem we are solving

Developing countries, like Ukraine, are struggling to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and strategic partners due to lack of trust and immature legal protections, political corruption, understanding related to industry expertise, finances, best operational practices, language and culture.
Financial investors, strategic or trade partners lack trusted "bridges" for direct economic relationship between parties. Simply stated, majority of potential financial investors or trade partners simply do not know how to work in Ukraine with relative predictability and other developing countries.
Global Management Team
Henry Shterenberg
Scott Ferguson
CEO of World Trade Center Kyiv
Michel Deleuran
Dmitriy Belousov
Title Chief Operating Officer
Boris Shestopalov
CEO of International Business Hub, World Trade Center Kyiv
Susanne Larsson
GT Operations
Alex Sheyner
GT Technologies
Mirjana Perko
GT Finance
Kateryna Shterenberg
WTC Kyiv VP of Government Relations
Neetu Mehta
GT Agency
Oleksii Kozhanov
GT WebTechnologies
Roman Romanskiy
CEO of GT Platform Ukraine
Igor Karpov
Vice President of Science Monetization, Ukraine
Viacheslav Shmelov
Senior Advisor to the President of World Trade Center Kyiv

Solution is Ecosystem with independent nodes

An independent mechanism must be developed to facilitate direct, transparent and efficient economic relationship between Ukrainian companies and partners worldwide.

GTPIG is trusted ecosystem that forms a "bridges" by putting pillars of world-class expertise delivered by GTP ambassadors, corporate and government partnerships from around the world.
Horasis China Meeting, October 2018 "Vision of Ukraine"
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