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Ukraine’s Economy is open to the World
Message from the president

We promote the ideology of Digital Democracy for Ukraine that values transparency, prosperity, and social responsibility. Technological innovations make all government and non-government activity transparent. It increases trust between the government and its people. It increases efficiency in all operations that would lead to economic prosperity and an opportunity to gather real-time data to engage the government, corporations, and local communities in a collaborative effort to serve those in need.

Our vision for Ukraine is Intelligent Logistical Hub to the world. The vision is based on 3 core assets of Ukraine:

  1. Intellect of its people
  2. Natural Resources of the country
  3. Geographic location of the country

Our aim is to unite people under one vision within Ukraine and all of the supporters of Ukraine around the world.

Henry Shterenberg

Our Services

“Change is always something to celebrate. It’s a sign that you are still alive” quote by Allen Turing
Deal Origination
We provide deal flow to investors & strategic partners around the world from innovative technologies to critical infrastructure projects
Monetization of Science
We bring transformative and disruptive ideas generated brilliant scientists to the market
Adaptive Education
We deliver business education to our students by global faculty with a focus on constant adaptation of products, services, and technologies to ever-changing environment
Startup Ecosystem
We give access to markets & capital for entrepreneurs seeking to change the world
Financial Liquidity
We provide investors opportunities for outsized ROI, global sales channels & expansion of capital for entrepreneurs
Strategic Partnerships
We believe in collaborative communities in which established members share expertise, access to markets, resources to create win-win solutions for all

Our Projects

Global Transformation Academy (GTA)


Our mission is to provide individuals with perseverance, ambition, and an initiative way to grow their business and execute their ideas. We provide them with an educational opportunity based on real-life experience that leads to self-discovery, pursuit of knowledge, and ability to adapt to ever-changing social and economic environment

Global Faculty for Startups and SMEs

Key feature of Global Transformation Academy is its global faculty of world-class entrepreneurs and executives. Every theoretical session has one hour dedicated to a highly prominent individual who shares his/her knowledge from real life with our students. Further, for selected students and companies, corporate membership is available from our faculty.

Apprentice Program

The most important and unique element of our 9-months Apprenticeship program. Real-life experience in the business world is not only desirable but essential for young people who want to build a successful career. Apprenticeship is a phenomenal opportunity to achieve this. I believe it is an ultimate model for work-based learning and a fantastic gateway for opportunities in the business world. Working with local industries, global organizations, and entrepreneurs, apprentices develop a well-rounded skill set, which means that students can hit the ground running when they enter the real world – either as entrepreneurs in their own right or whether they choose to start their career in an existing business. Our extensive network in Ukraine and on international stage gives our students a wide range of opportunities to apply their knowledge and receive invaluable real-life experience.

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GT Media Group


The mission of Global Transformation Media is to create a decentralized media platform to promote economic growth across all industries of Ukraine around the world.

International Audiences

GT Media’s core audiences are international organizations in private and public sectors. Our content is available internationally for distribution to mass media agencies and social media platforms.
Our primary goal is to connect the opportunity in Ukraine with multiple strategic partners seeking such an opportunity in different parts of the world. We work directly with country’s commerce departments, governmental agencies, industry-specific associations, financial institutions, private equity and angel networks in North America, EU, Asia and the Middle East.

Distributed Content
GT Media provides a FREE license to qualified individuals, private and government entities to create content in four key areas:
  • Economy: Industries of the 21st Century
  • Education: Knowledge with practical applications
  • Government: Governance driven by transparency, accountability & economic prosperity
  • Success Stories: Let’s celebrate our people who make things happen
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Digital Financial Hub


The mission of the Digital Financial Hub is to provide the necessary transactional liquidity for individual or institutional investments in Ukraine’s economy.

Deal Origination

We are strictly focused on deal origination (or deal sourcing) for and from Ukraine. In other words, GTP serves as a deal sourcing platform for buy-side and sell-side opportunities. We are the first step towards creating a deal that will be scrutinized, marketed, syndicated, and executed.

Financial Liquidity

Our domestic and international network of financial institutions, as well as government agencies, gives GTP considerable advantage to create competition around entry into investment opportunity and successful exit. Further, we provide entrepreneurs and investors unprecedented transparency over the process from inquiry to exit. To facilitate a successful transaction, we utilize globally available financial instruments ranging from simple bank loans to the highly complicated, yet highly effective fintech tools of the 21st century.

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